Monday, September 29, 2014

Second Graders and Butterflies

The second grade classes have been studying the migration of Monarch butterflies. As part of the unit, the classes did several activities to help them visualize what a 3,000 mile migration might be like. The first activity took place in the gym, where the students walked for one mile, making about 15 laps around. The whole time, students held up a representation of a butterfly in the form of a construction paper cut out.

After this activity, students made their way back to their classrooms where they built three thousand with unit blocks. Mrs. Lecarno states: "It was fun. I started counting with ones and nobody stopped me for a while. Then, one girl said, ' This is going to take forever! Let's count by hundreds. "

If you look very closely in the photo, the green unit in the lower left represents the portion they walked in the gym.

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